Kosar: Browns front office is “uneducated”, “makes me want to throw up”

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar had some strong words for the organization after a brutal shutout loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Kosae said that the organization’s front office is “uneducated”, and that the team’s struggles this season “makes me want to throw up”.

“They don’t know how to lead and organize and set a culture for doing what you have to do to play winning NFL football,” Kosar told WTAM 1100 in Cleveland, where he is a regular guest on the station’s shows.


“It makes me want to throw up,” Kosar said. “That’s the results you get when you do that stuff.”

Kosar continued raining fire down onto the organization.

“The issue is systemically, from a culture in Berea, they’ve got to get it together,” he said. “I don’t know anyone who can be consistently successful in winning within this culture and within this organization right now. You just can’t play football like this.

“The names change, and the way we do this as a culture above them is the same.”


“If you keep running it the way you’re running it, you may as well do nothing,” Kosar said. “Because you’re going to kill two more kids coming in here. It will fail.”

Jeez. If they’ve lost Bernie, what do they even have left?

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