Dallas Cowboys News Digest, July 14 Edition: Jones to Romo – Now or never

When Jerry Jones says the window is closing for core team members Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten to win a Super Bowl, he is speaking only to Romo, says Michael Lombardi in an NFL.com opinion piece. “Windows never close for NFL teams with great quarterbacks,” writes Lombardi who considers Romo a great quarterback. But, Romo’s development has been hurt by the absence of Bill Parcells, the coach who elevated him to starter. Romo needs to be pushed, and Parcells always pressured him. Lombardi says that signing Kyle Orton is Jones’ method to push Romo.

Joe Owens at The Landry Hat blog thinks this is the year Romo leads the Cowboys all the way.

Wasn’t the new CBA supposed to make rookie contracts easier to be done? Bus Cook, agent for first round draft pick Morris Claiborne, says a deal might not be done before the start of training camp. Some things just don’t change. I have a hunch all first round contracts will fall into place once No. 1 Draft Pick Andrew Luck concludes his deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

Jerry Jones says Terrell Owens has what it takes to be an NFL receiver. “He’s still got the ability to be quite a threat as a receiver. I would advise him if that he still has got the heart — and he does — to continue to try to get on with an NFL team.” Jones was too polite to add, “Just not my team.”

T.O. caught for 3,587 yards and 38 touchdowns in three seasons with the Cowboys, yet Dallas made a bid for WR Josh Gordon (Baylor) in the Supplemental Draft rather than bring Owens back. Heart and talent are not the issues with high-maintenance Owens. His extraordinary sensitivity leads him to vent on his team’s quarterback. Huge no-no, there. Owens would get more sympathy if he went home and kicked the dog. (Making a point here. Not to be taken seriously)

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