Panthers: 5 Greatest Cam Newton Commercials

Cam Newton is taking a lot of superficial heat over trivial matters of decorum. Hog Heaven is a Redskins fan. Based solely on the shallow nothingness of the outrage directed at him, I’m all in for Newton and the Panthers’ “in your face” Super Bowl win today. To gear up, here are my 5 greatest […]

The letter from a Navajo Redskins fan The Washington Post does not want you to see

A Letter Sent to the Washington Post’s Editorial Board December 24, 2015 As the NFL’s Redskins and your editorial board close out 2015, a comparative analysis between the two organizations seemed overdue. While your board “scored points” in articulating the Supreme Court’s due process and equal protection logic in forcing states accept a wider definition […]

Biz Blitz: Futbol has the one thing the NFL craves but does not offer

The Bottom Line: Futbol has the World Cup. The US Men’s National Team finished its FIFA World Cup run with a 2-1 loss to Belgium. The game was a nail biter that introduced Americans to the amazing Tim Howard. Why did this run in the FIFA World Cup attract so many Americans who are otherwise […]

Biz Blitz: NFL remains undefeated in Court because Roger is Boss

The Bottom Line: It is the football dead zone when the biggest NFL news happens in the courtroom rather than the playing field. When it comes to Courts, the NFL is good. Real good. Three court cases reached a dramatic conclusion in the past week. Each could have a wide impact on the league’s revenue. […]

Biz Blitz: How Donald Sterling will make NFL owners a lot wealthier

The Bottom Line: The eventual LA Clippers sale will bump the value of every NFL franchise. It’s tough to set the value of pro sports because sales don’t happen every day. Comparable values of recent sales are how your real estate agent guesses the value of your property. Forbes Magazine’s valuation of NBA franchises relative […]

Biz Blitz: Roger Goodell hints at NFL team for London before Los Angeles

I want to thank NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for that uproarious #AskCommish thing on Twitter yesterday. That was 30 minutes of the best social media entertainment you will ever see. But, did Goodell use the event to lever Los Angeles to pony-up for a new stadium by dropping hints about a NFL franchise in London? […]

Biz Blitz: What if there is a Donald Sterling in the NFL? The wrath of Roger.

The Bottom Line: It’s always better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Fresh from the Richie Incognito scandal, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must have winced when he heard the details of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s conversation with his hot ex-girlfriend. (Wait, WHAT? Sterling said that to […]

Football forever: America hooked on the NFL more than on Mark Cuban’s NBA

“The NFL Draft ratings normally do better on their second and third day than the NBA and NHL playoffs and the bigger baseball matchups of that weekend.  Remember, this is nothing more than NFL teams picking guys from college; no scores, no action, no winners or losers, but it is more popular then NBA, NHL and MLB.  Amazing!”

~ Patrick Schuster, NFL Implosion Not So Fast, Mr. Cuban,

Tony Villiotti, NFP: The new math of the NFL Draft

“All teams have high hopes entering a draft, but some are better positioned than others to get help. The key to having a good draft yield is to have as many choices as possible in the early rounds. In some cases that expectation is “earned” by being a crummy team and in other instances it is achieved by front office maneuvering. The new economics, with lower pay for draft choices, makes it even more important to draft well.”

From, April 5, 2014

Biz Blitz: NFL says Richie Incognito AND Mike Pouncey guilty as hell of harassment

Executive Summary: Ted Wells has completed his investigation of Jonathan Martin's claim of bullying by the Miami Dolphins. It's an "oh my god" moment for the team. The dumb jock behavior by players is both worse and more widespread than reported. Here's the rapid reaction. Incognito's put downs went beyond Jonathan Martin Investigators found that […]