AFC playoff teams set; Colts, Bengals get in

Despite all the close games across the AFC, the playoff teams have been finalized, and it's now simply a matter of seeding heading into week 17. The Colts were knotted up with the Kansas City Chiefs for much of the second half, but they were able to put the ball in the endzone one last […]

Falcons attempt to clinch top seed in the NFC with a win tonight

Tonight the Atlanta Falcons travel to Detroit to play a Lions team that is realign as their season gets more and more depressing. On paper, this should be a blowout, but as the Texans found out on Thanksgiving, the Lions are no push over. For those of you that are fans of Kentucky Derby betting […]

Video: Jets try out kicker based on Youtube clip

According to NBC Sports, a Norwegian by the name of Havard Rugland was given a kicking tryout by the New York Jets after the Jets saw the video above. While many of the trick kicks are, well, impressive, the part the Jets likely took notice of starts at about the one minute mark of the […]

Steelers, Bengals likely to decide the AFC’s final playoff spot on Sunday

The Bengals could lock up a wildcard position in this year's playoffs with a win Sunday against the Steelers. Meanwhile, the Steelers could all but lock up a wildcard position by beating the Bengals. In short, the 6th seed in the AFC playoffs will likely be decided this weekend. While the Steelers trail the Bengals […]


This Given Sunday is examining the biggest injury questions before each week of the NFL season. Here are the top-five health-related storylines entering Week 16. Robert Griffin III All signs point to Griffin playing this week despite an injured knee, but that was also the case at this time last week and Griffin ended up […]

Todd Haley likely out if Pittsburgh misses the playoffs

Following the Steelers' loss on Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys, Ben Roethlisberger publicly questioned offensive coordinator Todd Haley's play calling, and in doing so, Roethlisberger may have pushed the Steelers towards abandoning Haley and his offensive system. At times, Pittsburgh has looked nothing short of prolific on offense this season. The rest of the time, […]

Coaches that can still save their jobs with two weeks to go

As the NFL season winds down, you'll hear a lot of talk about coaches on the hot seat. Some of those guys might as well already be out the door while others still have a shot at saving their own hides. The following are coaches fighting to keep their jobs in the last two weeks […]

Don’t look to Tim Tebow to fix the J-E-T-S Mess Mess Mess

  The Mayans predicted this. The Mayan calendar ends in the same week the Jets lost their 2012 playoff bid. The Mayans saw this coming and that makes them whole lot smarter than the New York Jets organization. A report on says the Jets are likely to make a (long overdue) quarterback switch when […]

Peterson, Manning and Brady lead heated NFL MVP race

This week playoff races usually start to sort themselves out as teams are able to establish themselves late in the season. This season is a little different as this Sunday only made the playoff picture even cloudier. Dallas, Washington, Minnesota, and Seattle all helped their cause while the Giants, Steelers and Bears put themselves in […]


We wrap up the 15th Sunday of the NFL season by looking at a handful of players who exceeded expectations and a handful who failed to deliver. Surprises Kirk Cousins, Redskins: In for the injured Robert Griffin III, the rookie fourth-round pick didn't look like he was making his first career start in Cleveland. The […]

Video: Danny Amendola spikes football into usher’s face

Trailing by a score of 33-13 didn't stop Danny Amendola from emphatically spiking the football after scoring a meaningless touchdown. The spiked football jumped straight up to an usher's face, where it apparently broke his glasses. Who thought that throwing a football in the direction of a person could have such an effect? Still, it […]

Ravens hammered by the Broncos

This past week, the Baltimore Ravens decided it was time to part ways with offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, installing Jim Caldwell as the interim coordinator. The results on Sunday were less than impressive. To be fair to the Ravens, the Broncos are one of the hottest teams in football, and Peyton Manning has been there, […]

Why fines don’t work in the NFL

Fines are as much a part of modern football as the forward pass or taking a knee to end a game. They're handed out nearly every week, usually to a defensive player guilty of an illegal hit on a quarterback or a defenseless receiver. Despite the incredible number of fines, defenders continue to commit fouls, […]