Roger Goodell played God… and lost

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, and now it’s absolutely certain that Roger Goodell should be removed as commissioner of the National Football League. Whether Goodell leaves the commissioner’s office via voluntary means or the owners of the NFL make him leave really makes no difference.  Regardless of how it happens, it’s time for Goodell […]

Snoop Dogg is REALLY not a fan of Steelers OC Todd Haley

The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting poleaxed in their dress rehearsal for the regular season, currently losing 31-14 to the Eagles in the all-important-but-not-really-important third preseason game.  The first string offense was particularly pitiful and no match for Chip Kelly’s high flying attack. The performance led one famous Steelers fan to voice his displeasure. Snoop Dogg posted […]

Saints signing of Jairus Byrd shows NFL evolution shifting towards secondary

Football is continually evolving.  From the first forward pass to the record-setting season from Peyton Manning in 2013, the NFL is in a perpetual state of constant change and motion.  The T formation has given way to the spread, linemen weigh 100 pounds more than they did a few generations ago, and a superimposed yellow […]

Jim Ross calls Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Drew Brees

One of my favorite internet memes is legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross' commentary being dubbed over memorable sports plays.  While this usually means the familiar line "as God is my witness he is broken in half" from this famous moment, you have to give credit to one YouTube user for expanding the meme and giving […]

Video: All 7 of Peyton Manning’s touchdowns from the season opener

Sid Luckman, Adrian Burk, George Blanda, YA Tittle, Joe Kapp, and Peyton Manning. That's the exclusive list of NFL quarterbacks who have thrown 7 touchdowns in a single game. Thursday's opener wasn't all about lightning delays and boneheaded plays.  Peyton Manning blitzed the defending champion Baltimore Ravens last night by going 27/42 for 462 yards […]

Here’s the zaniest highlight of the NFL preseason

Growing up there was nothing I enjoyed more than the Football Follies, and this may be tough to beat for the entire 2013 season barring a sequel to the Buttfumble.  It comes from this weekend's Chargers-Cardinals preseason game.  San Diego's Ryan Mathews fumbles a goalline carry, it's then picked up by Arizona's Rashad Johnson who […]

No, Alex Smith is not the best quarterback in the NFL

At least you can say Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson has confidence in his team.  Blind, incredibly naive, fantastical, nonsensical confidence… but confidence nonetheless.  Pederson was quoted in the Kansas City Star as saying new Chiefs QB Alex Smith is the best quarterback in the league. Not the best QB out of Utah, not the […]

Breaking: Aaron Hernandez released by Patriots after being taken into custody

Aaron Hernandez has been at the center of a police investigation into the death of Odin Lloyd for the past week.  Police have searched his home repeatedly and there have been reports of Hernandez's impending arrest for days.  Early Wednesday morning, Hernandez was finally arrested and taken into custody by police.  This was confirmed by […]

Top 5 Injury Questions for the 2012 NFL Season

    Throughout the 2012 season, This Given Sunday will examine the biggest injury questions before each week of the NFL season.  With the preseason thankfully behind us, it's time to examine the most important injury concerns heading into Week 1.  These are superstar players who have battled preseason knocks, faced a history of sitting […]

Jonathan Vilma bans Roger Goodell from his Miami restaurant

Roger Goodell has suspended Saints LB Jonathan Vilma from the NFL for the entire 2012 season… for now.  With Vilma's defamation suit and court action taken by the four suspended players involved in the bounty/pay for performance situation, that suspension could be overturned and appealed and overturned again multiple times in the courtroom before all […]

ESPN walks a dangerous tightrope with Mickey Loomis wiretapping report

As ESPN dropped another bombshell on the New Orleans Saints Monday with their report that GM Mickey Loomis had a secret listening device installed at the Superdome from 2002-2004 to spy on opposing coaches, it was met with immediate pushback from a wide variety of sources.  That pushback and the gravity of ESPN’s report is […]

Time is running out for Drew Brees and the Saints

The rebirth and regeneration that has blossomed from Drew Brees’ time in New Orleans has been among the most unprecedented in NFL history.  The person, the franchise, and the city itself have been transformed since Drew Brees arrived in 2006.  Brees came to New Orleans when both he and the city were broken.  Brees recovering […]

Top 10 Quarterback Matchups In Super Bowl History

Heading into this year’s Super Bowl, the quarterback matchup of Tom Brady and Eli Manning is receiving plenty of attention.  The duo combined to throw for an incredible 10,168 yards this year with the #2 and #6 all-time single season years in terms of passing yards.  Brady threw for 5,235 yards (2nd all-time) while Manning […]

9 NFL Records That Will Never Be Broken

On Monday Night Football, Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s 27 year old record for most passing yards in a season with an extra game to spare.  If Brees plays the distance against Carolina on Sunday, he’ll end up shattering Marino’s previous mark of 5,084.  Even though passing numbers have been going through the roof this […]