Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids suffering through growing pains

Just when the world though that Jermaine Jones was about to go off and have himself a superb season, he has put in three very average performances. The Rapids have continued their Supporter’s Shield winning pace, but they have been doing it largely without Jermaine Jones. The United State’s international enforcer got off to a […]

Shkelzen Gashi, Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids: Shkelzen Gashi demonstrating checks and balances

The Colorado Rapids made major adjustments this off-season and at some point in time, all of their major acquisitions have been carrying the team. Currently, it is Shkelzen Gashi’s turn. The Albanian had a slow start to the season despite bringing over two straight seasons of being the Swiss Super League’s golden boot winner. There […]

Jermaine Jones, Colorado Rapids

Jermaine Jones talks Colorado Rapids assent and more

Few players have had such an immediate impact as Jermaine Jones has had on the Colorado Rapids. Prior to his arrival, the Rapids had made a habit out of scoring as few goals as possible and still sneaking away with points. It took them five matches to score more than a goal in a game. […]

Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids put all the doubters to bed

Versatility is a big thing in just about any walk of life, soccer included. In fact, Portland Timbers manager Caleb Porter blames some of his poor years at Portland on his insistence on doing things one way – his way. When the Timbers faced a team that did not allow them to control possession and […]

Colorado Rapids, Luis Solignac

Colorado Rapids are in the playoff picture to stay

We are getting to the point in the season where we are starting to see the true colors of a lot of teams around MLS. There is still some wiggle room, but the picture is getting clearer. Portland, LA and Columbus are beginning their rise, meanwhile Houston and NYCFC have plummeted. It’s too soon to […]

Colorado Rapids, Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones hijacked Colorado Rapids season

The Colorado Rapids were on a good route this season. Their offense needed a bit of time to gel, but between a soon-to-be-healthy Kevin Doyle, Shkelzen Gashi and Marco Poppa, they had a great foundation to build off. They were all either picked up this year or last summer though, so again, time was an […]

Shkelzen Gashi, Colorado Rapids

Shkelzen Gashi can break Colorado Rapids doldrums

It’s been awhile since the Colorado Rapids could optimistically look at a season and think something along the lines of ‘we got this’. They have been facing rough times, even in MLS’s ever-fluctuating landscape. Nobody scored less goals than the Rapids last year. The year before that, nobody gave up more goals. This year got […]