Kekuta Manneh, Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps: Kekuta Manneh destined for USMNT

Kekuta Manneh is arguably the biggest reason why the Vancouver Whitecaps have returned to contending. In his past five matches, the left sided winger has scored two goals and added two assists. In those five games, the Whitecaps are 3-1-1, with the three wins coming in matches where Manneh contributed to a goal. So you […]

Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps upping the ante on themselves

Just like that, the Whitecaps are third in the West. For now. Had you told any casual fan that Vancouver would go into Toronto and surrender three goals, the assumption would have been that they’d lose. Toronto’s new home is supposed to be a fortress and Vancouver had done little to prove that they had […]

Carl Robinson, Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps: Carl Robinson finds winning combination

I wrote not more than a week ago about how Vancouver was perhaps the only remaining team that it was impossible to get a read on. They have been incredibly unpredictable, opportunistic, and just generally enigmatic. But against Portland – in front of their home fans – Vancouver put in a master class of offensive dominance […]

Vancouver Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps are defining the word ‘enigma’

Who beats FC Dallas 3-0 and loses to DC United 4-0? The Vancouver Whitecaps, that’s who. Of all the teams and all the various personalities in MLS, no team is harder to read than the enigmatic Vancouver Whitecaps. First, let’s trace their unpredictable results. The season opened with a 3-2 loss against Montreal, but a […]

Vancouver Whitecaps, Masato Kudo

Vancouver Whitecaps’ Masato Kudo experiment prematurely failing

“Masato has a very good goal scoring record and we are always looking at adding to the group. He has a natural ability to find space in the box, which generates goal scoring opportunities. He is technically good with both feet and, as always required, he is a hard working player.” That is what Carl Robinson […]

Vancouver Whitecaps, Pedro Morales

Vancouver Whitecaps can’t be this reliant on Pedro Morales

Here we are, seven games into the Vancouver Whitecaps season, and the Canadian side has yet to score a goal from open play. All four of their goals have been scored from the penalty spot by their catalyst, Pedro Morales, who is now out injured. It is a bit of a problematic situation, to say […]

vancouver whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps criminally misusing Cristian Techera

Cristian Techera rejoined Vancouver on a permanent deal to start the year after a strong showing in 2015. Last year, the little Uruguayan put in a respectable seven goals and four assists in 19 starts. He rarely lost possession in a position where that is seemingly a byproduct of the area. Still, the little winger […]

masato kudo, vancouver whitecaps

Masato Kudo suspension proves MLS taking right initiatives

Ask 100 people out there what the biggest problems in soccer is. A few poor, misguided souls will tell you that it’s boring, but that isn’t a problem with the game, it’s a problem with their perception. The biggest problem with soccer is flopping. Flopping has embedded itself in over a centuries worth of history […]