Toronto FC

Toronto FC: Mo Babouli can render Altidore obsolete

Mo Babouli is a unique case. There is a lot of hype and hubbub that he can be a major force in Toronto for years to come. Yet, he is still rather obsolete in the grand scheme of things. He doesn’t even have a profile. But that’s okay because we will tell you all […]

Toronto FC

Toronto FC: New stadium should strike fear into MLS

Toronto has emerged as perhaps the best all-around team in MLS. At the very least, they look to be the best in the East. Their defense has only permitted seven goals in eight matches and while the offense has only scored nine, the second fewest, we all know what their offense is capable of. Between […]

Toronto FC, Sebastian Giovinco

Toronto FC built to accommodate Sebastian Giovinco

As the reigning MLS MVP, Sebastian Giovinco has taken on a bit of a role as a poster child of MLS. He is one of the main guys raising the profile of the league. Mainly because his reputation was improved upon when he moved to the Untied States. There are plenty of stars scattered across […]

Toronto FC, Sebastian Giovinco

How Toronto FC’s defense stole the spotlight from Giovinco

If felt like Toronto FC had been preparing all season for this one match. Sitting in the middle of the conference looking up at their Canadian brethren, Toronto was yet again struggling to put it all together as they have in so many other years. But against their dreaded, first place (formerly, I should say) […]

Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco’s potential Italy call monumental for MLS

For quite some time now, the ‘Yankee’ brand of soccer that MLS produces has not been too highly viewed by the more ‘established’ countries that are of the belief that since they’ve done it longer, they must do it better. Style and flair does mean everything, after all. Just ask the redcoats that so stylishly […]

Jozy Altidore, Toronto FC

Toronto FC: This is the year of Jozy Altidore

Nobody has a better set up than Jozy Altidore in Toronto. He gets to play next to the atomic ant, who commands so much attention and he gets to play in front of international team mate Michael Bradley, who can thread passes with the best of them. The much-acclaimed United States international striker has been […]