Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake the apprentice to Colorado’s master

Real Salt Lake came out firing to start this MLS season. Against the odds, they rose to the top of the West, hand in hand with the Colorado Rapids, also defying the odds. But they were two different kinds of success. The Colorado Rapids were compact. They knew their strengths and they played to them. […]

Real Salt Lake, Javier Morales

Real Salt Lake finding renewed life in Javier Morales

Losing Joao Plata was supposed to be the blow that derailed Real Salt Lake. Initially, it looked to be, as they were stomped 5-2 at the hands of the LA Galaxy. But as I noted after the loss to the Galaxy, Real Salt Lake actually showed a healthy dose of positives from such a seemingly-debilitating […]

Real Salt Lake, Javier Morales

Real Salt Lake: Javier Morales throws wrench into squad selection

It was their first loss of the season, which is never a pleasant feeling. But Real Salt Lake still managed to pass the biggest test of their season, and they did it against the hottest, and arguably the best, team in MLS. Matched up against the bruising LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake were without the […]

Real Salt Lake, Joao Plata

Joao Plata is Real Salt Lake’s life support

Real Salt Lake is having quite the year. Now that I have overstated the obvious, let’s talk about why. Joao Plata. Now that I have stated why, let’s figure out why this could be a problem in the very near future. Dependency on one man is a dicey endeavor. Real Salt Lake have this year […]

real salt lake, yuri movsisyan

Real Salt Lake: Yura Movsisyan the key to reaching higher

Real Salt Lake had a pretty poor season last year. They finished second to last in the West, only scored 38 goals – second worst in the league – and surrendered 48. Not exactly convincing and not exactly pointing towards great things to come. Especially when considering the fact that Joao Plata, the magician responsible […]