Chris Wondolowski, San Jose Earthquakes

Chris Wondolowski’s goals against Real Sociedad huge for USA

One thing that has always been said about the recent form of the San Jose Earthquakes is that they are incredibly consistent. They are an all-around good side. They are rarely ever bad and they are equally rarely ever great. They are nice and good. Right in the thick of any given playoff hunt and […]

Simon Dawkins, San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes: Simon Dawkins can be long lost ‘Plan B’

The San Jose Earthquakes have one, huge, massive, overwhelming problem. They have no plan B. This season has had one order of business – hope that Chris Wondolowski scores. Because if he doesn’t, well then they’re out of luck. Seven goals, he’s scored for the Quakes. No one else has even scored two. There have […]

Chris Wondolowski, San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes need to lean on Chris Wondolowski even more

I’m usually not one to encourage increasing the use of one guy. I see it as a weakness. Leaning almost entirely on a single player is a risk that most teams are not willing to take. Injuries, defensive schemes – they can all disrupt the flow of one guy. That being said, I do believe […]

Quincy Amarikwa, San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes need growth out of Quincy Amarikwa

He has produced arguably the best goal of the year. A sensational volley from far beyond where anyone should ever consider shooting from. But it went in. And… that has been his only goal this year. Lining up next to Chris Wondolowski, Qunciy Amarikwa has a nice set up. He is lined up next to […]

Chris Wondolowski, San Jose Earthquakes

San Jose Earthquakes have model striker in Chris Wondolowski

Ask any team out there what they want in a striker over a three year period. The first answer will be someone that does the exact same thing every season, without hiccups and with perfect consistency. But that person doesn’t exist. Ask again and tell them you want a realistic answer this time. They will […]