Dominic Oduro, Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact’s late revival lost in translation

Easily the most exciting game from a neutral standpoint this past weekend was the epic shootout between the Columbus Crew and the Montreal Impact. Columbus established a 4-1 lead over the top team in the East just into the second half and the game looked to be set. Not only that, but we saw a resurgent game from Kei Kamara and Federico Higuain. They combined to fire ten shots and scored all four of the goals.

But that isn’t the talking point. The talking point is the feud that has escalated severely between Kamara and Higuain, as Kamara has now been suspended for his comments and antics.

And here we find what the point of this article is. You start talking about the match and it’s natural to deviate towards the headlines that Columbus made. They blew a lead, they have internal problems, Kamara is suspended. So on and so forth.

There was another team in the match to. That team was the Montreal Impact and what they did was beyond impressive. Sure, the Impact lead the East, but Columbus is still the reigning runner-ups. They have the same guys and they were at home.

Oh, and they had a 4-1 lead.

Montreal came back and win. They scored the most goals they’ve ever scored this season. It was forty minutes of pure offensive brilliance from every angle. The trifecta that Montreal have put together in the attack is fearsome and it is arguably one of the best trifectas in MLS.

Didier Drogba came up with his first monster match of the season, as he scored a penalty and grabbed two assists. Clearly he is fitting in seamlessly into this attack as if he was never even gone in the first place.

You can guess where the rest of this attack came from. Dominic Oduro’s raw speed and Ignacio Piatti’s creative genius accounted for the rest of the attack as the Impact pulled off perhaps the biggest comeback in MLS this year. It was only good for a point, but the showing that they put on was nothing short of magnificent. It was a defensive collapse that put them in that situation, but the recovery was equal in magnitude, just in the other direction.

Montreal may get passed by Toronto in time, but for right now, there is no reason to think that the Impact aren’t capable of anything. They are a powerful team that is showing that their late burst at the end of last season was no fluke.

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