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Philadelphia Union: Quick fire questions with C.J. Sapong

C.J. Sapong is really putting it all together this year. He accounts for 50% of Philadelphia’s goals, with four goals and an assist in ten total team goals. He scored again at home against New York City FC and it’s beginning to show through why exactly he was voted Rookie of the Year with Sporting KC.

Aside from being one of the best strikers in MLS, C.J. Sapong also has one of the most positive personalities in professional sports. Just read his Twitter bio: “Smiling right… NOW”. It’s just how he is.

That aura of positivity shined brightly when he decided to answer some questions for Stateside of Soccer. After answering a few initial questions about the Philadelphia Union and their successful season thus far, the American striker spoke out about how great it feels to be a part of the growth of soccer in America.

“We’ve all grown up and seen where this league came from. There were ten teams and no fans. Now it’s blown up. It’s exponentially growing. Guys you were playing FIFA with are in the league with you now. And we are keeping up with them – it’s huge for confidence. We are there with these guys. It’s a beautiful thing. I am very grateful. The younger guys see it as well. They are ready.”

Next up on the docket was quick-fire questions. No time to think, just time to answer. Here’s how it went. Just remember, no matter who you consider ‘your team’, there is no shame in being a fan of C.J. Sapong as well.

SOS: You’re taking a PK against Andre Blake, do you score?

CS: Yes

SOS: Pick any player in the world to bring to the Union?

CS: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, even though he’d take my spot.

SOS: Favorite European soccer league?


SOS: Favorite team in EPL?

CS: Manchester United

SOS: Your favorite goal ever scored?

CS: It was my rookie year, or second year. A volley off of Kei Kamara – a one-timer.

SOS: Other than Philadelphia, what’s the greatest city in the world?

CS: Accra-Ghana

SOS: Favorite sport other than soccer?

CS: Basketball

SOS: Twitter or Facebook?

CS: Twitter

SOS: How many goals are you going to score this year?

CS: 100,000

SOS: Where’s the toughest place in MLS to play?

CS: I would say Seattle, but that atmosphere gets me pumped up. Let’s go with Chicago because of the conditions.

SOS: Finally, other than the Union, what’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia?

CS: The culture and the diversity.

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